Technology Workshop, Inc.

Technical Writing Services

How did Technology Workshop get started?
The company was founded in 1992 by Dr. Alan Runck. Alan is an MIT Ph.D. and has an extensive background in development and commercialization of electromechanical devices, product validation, and documentation.
How do you estimate a project cost?
Several factors go into sizing a project. We consider the estimated page count, availability of existing documentation and artwork, and project duration. The biggest risk is the project duration. If a customer extends the project timeline, there is a possibility that the project scope will also increase.
How do you start a project?
The first step is to gather existing documentation. This can be in the form of older manuals, internal specifications, or customer notes. If your subject matter experts are not swamped, we like to talk to them. Ideally, we also like to have the opportunity to work directly with the hardware or software to be documented.
How do you keep on track?
We submit a written plan that lists our assumptions, deliverables, and timeline. Then, we review our progress and provide hourly timesheets to the client to make sure expectations are being met.
Which projects are the most difficult?
Each one of us will answer that one differently. That is why we assign projects based on expertise. We will choose one writer for a service manual that requires hardware line drawings and a knowledge of electronic circuits, and a different writer for a software design document.